Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Over the Shoulder Bag

A new friend invited Anthony and I to the zoo last week and we were excited to join her!  I went searching through my closet to try to find a soft sided bag that would not only fit the contents of my purse, but my camera, and some snacks/drinks for Anthony and I as well.  I wished I had one that I could wear over my shoulder (messenger bag style) to have these things accessible, as well as something soft enough to shove in the basket of the stroller (let's just say that my normal purse, by the name of Kate Spade, really does not like being shoved anywhere and is looking a little beat up because of the bad things I have forced her to do).  Alas, I had nothing.  While out shopping, I saw a few bags that were ok, but I really did not want to spend the money on one for a day at the zoo.  I made it through the day with an old bag from Target that had a strap that was literally hanging on by a thread.  So, I searched around the internet and found a very easy tutorial and just made one myself.  It has a button closure and even a nifty pocket inside.  Granted, a light color isn't really what I had in mind for a bag (hello dirt everywhere)...and I wanted to use up some of the fabric I already had, so I went with the light corduroy on the outside (see my nautical pillows).  The inside is a blue canvas that I had made a laptop sleeve out of a year or two ago.  I figured that the inside of my bag gets WAY nastier than the outside (thanks to Anthony's half-eaten lollipops, leaves I have to hold, spilling drinks, etc.), so I went with a darker lining.

It was a fun little project that I finished in just a few hours.  Now I really must focus on getting some housework done!

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